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what makes us, us

Welcome to bowerhouse. We are a team of creative entrepreneurs with a fresh take on building brands, driving engagement, crafting content, and implementing strategies with a digital-first approach. At our agency, we strive to tell your stories that build lasting relationships with your audiences.

Our Values

We push ourselves to be the best we can be in creating work we are proud to share. We strive to have a value-based and intentional approach when building strategies that leverage trends and showcase creativity. We are a group of unique and talented individuals with a common goal to exceed expectations.

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    We are imaginative with a can-do attitude. We see problems as opportunities, and we craft each solution with a light-hearted, positive, and optimistic mindset.

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    We understand that each member brings something to the table. By working together, we deliver cohesive and impactful solutions for our partners.

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    We strive to understand others by stepping into the shoes of our colleagues and partners. We lead with care and kindness in everything we do.

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    We are risk-takers and innovators. We are unafraid to fail fast and often, especially when it allows us to learn and grow.

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    We let our curiosity run wild and inspire those we work with. We are a team of doers that turn dreams into reality.

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    Community Driven

    We have built a community that shares knowledge openly and commits to lending a helping hand. We celebrate your wins as much as we do ours.

Our roots

Meet our founders. With proven track records of building successful in-store and online brands, their entrepreneurial spirits are integral in optimizing risks and connections in the digital world. They have a deep understanding of the ever-evolving culture of content creation, social media, and digital marketing, enabling us to stay ahead of the curve. In short, our founders are the ones you want in your corner when it comes to all things digital.

The brains behind bowerhouse
team members

meet our mascot, blu

Say hi to Blu. Inspired by the bowerbird, Blu is the face of bowerhouse. Blu represents the team and how we move together as a content house. With a go-getter attitude, creativity, and childlike wonder, Blu embodies everything about the team. Blu personifies our team's playful and creative disposition, which is paramount to our success.