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Like, Follow, Stay: An Insta-Golden Opportunity






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Rosewood Hotel Georgia faced the ultimate challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. With temporary closures and travel restrictions taking a toll on stays at the five-star Vancouver hotel, Rosewood needed a game-changing social media campaign to reignite their guests’ passion for travel and inspire them to make bookings for when they reopened. Our mission was clear: to create a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring campaign highlighting the hotel’s unique features and attracting visitors to return.

The Solution:

At bowerhouse, we knew we had to create a campaign that would be eye-catching to post-pandemic travelers on the hunt for a rare and luxurious experience. After much research, we discovered that Rosewood Hotel Georgia’s rich history and unique Roaring Twenties-inspired styling set it apart from other hotels in Vancouver. And thus, Return to the Golden Age was born – a visually stunning campaign that captured the hotel’s heritage and services in all their timeless glory.

We turned Rosewood Hotel Georgia’s social media feed into an art-deco-themed virtual gallery of the different aspects of the hotel that guests could experience when they reopened. We creatively presented this through subtle animations that brought picture frames on the walls of the renowned hotel to life. Think The Great Gatsby meets Harry Potter – pure magic! In addition, we leveraged our assets by publishing our posts as carousels, which allowed us to optimize brand messaging through additional photography, videography, and animation. As a result, we felt confident the campaign would effectively entice guests to book their stay and experience the glamour of the Golden Age for themselves.


Our client was roaring with delight when they saw the Return to the Golden Age campaign results! The campaign amassed a total of 92.5k impressions, 2.3k engagements, and 29k video views – all organically in just one week! bowerhouse’s scroll-stopping social media efforts kept Rosewood Hotel Georgia top-of-mind for potential guests during the pandemic and generated significant interest in their services. On top of this, we helped place Rosewood Hotel Georgia as an establishment that values creativity and innovation in its approach to hospitality. We’re thrilled to have an ongoing partnership with such a prestigious hotel and can’t wait to see what we can build together next!

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