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Turning Limitation into Innovation with AR








The world was at the height of COVID-19, and with National Burger Day fast approaching and limited resources, Triple O’s turned to us for help. The famed quick-service restaurant wanted a campaign to let burger buffs everywhere mark the occasion. Our goal was to boost Triple O’s engagement, followers, and user-generated content (UGC) on their social media platforms. Needless to say, we were drooling at the chance to sink our teeth into this juicy challenge.

The Solution:

Picture this: you’re cooped up at home for what feels like an eternity, phone glued to hand, craving a juicy burger. That’s where we come in. bowerhouse cooked up Triple O’s National Burger Day Contest campaign, and it was a sizzling success. First, we hopped on the augmented reality (AR) filter bandwagon. We understood the effectiveness of this fun and interactive social media trend in boosting brand engagement and UGC. We were confident it would be the best approach for meeting our client’s goals. So, our talented team whipped up an interactive AR filter titled “Which burger are you?” that had users drooling and sharing their results on social media stories and posts left, right, and centre. Then, we incentivized users to tag Triple O’s by providing them with an opportunity to win an epic contest. Simple, effective, and delicious. Trust us; it was a mouth-watering campaign.


Triple O’s National Burger Day Contest campaign was a hit! Let’s be real; who wouldn’t want to find out which Triple O’s burger they are? From May 28 to June 3, the interactive AR filter racked up 12,520 impressions, 1,705 captures, 350 shares, and 129 saves. Talk about impressive! During a tough time for the restaurant biz, our innovative approach successfully boosted Triple O’s engagement, follower growth, and UGC on their socials. It was a fun and trendy way to excite people about the brand from the comfort of their own homes. And, of course, our team celebrated this great success with Triple O’s burgers. Yum!